Overnight travel in a luxury coach

Getting to vacations is rarely fun, especially when you are corralling several children. Jitterbug offers a stress free alternative to flying or driving. The company solves the infamous problems parents face when on family vacations, the common child refrain of, "Are we there yet?"


Travel on your schedule, pick your times and escape the airport maddness. 50x the space of flying or driving! Stretch out your legs and relax in ultimate comfort.

Jitterbug was founded in 2016 and is based out of Charlotte, NC.

Operations extend the entire east coast.

Jitterbug helped my family reconnect. With our (5) kids flying wasn’t an option and driving would take days. They helped us to visit Grandma in Chicago for the very first time. Grandma was so happy and couldn’t stop crying, it was amazing.
— Nicole W