frail parent

Travel with Medical Conditions

What Medical Conditions do you Specialize in?

Our care team and specialty vehicle is perfect for the elderly in frail condition, dementia, and those with a past history of strokes / TIAs. The comfortable beds (ie stretcher) allow for those with spinal issues to relax in a fully lay flat position.

We can take these medical conditions via medical transport

  • Frailty

  • Dementia

  • Recent heart attack or stroke (or history of)

  • Oxygen Tanks / Shallow Breathing

  • Severe sinus, ear, or nose infections

  • Swelling of the brain caused by bleeding, injury, or infection

  • Severe chronic respiratory diseases, breathlessness at rest, or a collapsed lung

  • Sickle cell disease

  • Psychotic illness when fully controlled

  • Have had a recent stomach, eye, or head injury 


medical conditions we cannot transport

  • Any condition that requires life support

  • Bariatric conditions

  • Pregnancy in the third trimester

  • Will be taking a baby less than 48 hours (2 days) old

  • Have recently had any type of surgery, especially stomach, brain, eye, or orthopedic (bone and joint) surgery. Check with your doctor to see when it is safe for you to travel.

  • Any disease that you can easily spread to other people (For a listing of infectious diseases, how they are spread, and how long someone is contagious, see Understand How Infectious Diseases Are Spread.)

  • Have a fever of 100° F (38° C) or greater and show other symptoms

Have questions? Speak with a care specialist