Medical Spotlight — Seniors with Dementia

According to the Alzheimer's Association it is important to not overload your loved one and recognize the warning signs of anxiety and agitation. Our transportation service allows you to remove remove stress triggers from your travel experience. Your private cabin feels like home and is exclusive for just your family.

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Moving Aging or Ill Parents Cross-Country

Some parental relocations are more complicated. Due to health problems, not every aging parent can fly, and some won’t fare well in a regular vehicle. Fortunately, our rock star tour bus brings a new option for moving an aging parent a long distance.

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Long Distance medical transport

We make travelling state to state easy in our luxury coach. Medical personal keeps your entire family safe and sound.


We partner with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help transport children with a life-threatening medical conditions. All of our clients are treated with the utmost care.

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FAQ - Medical

Read more about how our critical care team handles your unique situation.