FAQ - Medical

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers




What is Jitterbug Medical?

Jitterbug Medical is a door to door ground transportation service for moving elderly parents from an assisted living facility to another facility closer to family. Our unique vehicle is able to travel extreme distances in maximum comfort. Rest easy knowing that your loved ones are safe in the hands of our critical care team.



What kind of vehicle do you use?

Our specialty medical coach was built from the ground up to maximize comfort and safety. The Jitterbug coach has two private cabins - a first class cabin with six seats and bedding for five, and a junior cabin with seating for five and two beds. Both cabins feature amenities designed to make your trip the most pleasant you’ve ever experienced.

For medical trips we are ablet to let the family ride in the cabin with their loved one. This makes for an exciting road trip that everyone can enjoy.



What are the amenities?

Beds, private bathroom with toilet and sink, large screen TV, reclining seats with footrests, mini-refrigerator, wi-fi, electrical outlets, video intercom, and more. See the full list and photos.



How large of a group can you accommodate?

Currently for medical trips we can have up to 6 family members including the elderly patient



What states do you travel to?

We will travel to states along the east coast. Upon request we can also travel to California and the west coast. See our full coverage.



How do I reserve your service?



How much does it cost?

Jitterbug aims to provide a premium travel experience at the reasonable prices for the charter industry. As a medical charter prices will be higher than average travel expenses. What is extra exciting with Jitterbug is that we have a large travel network. This allows us to offer the service at unbelievable prices.

What doesn’t vary is Jitterbug’s commitment to providing you the most enjoyable and effortless group travel experience possible. Contact a representative for a free quote



What time do you pick up my loved one?

You select the times that fit your trip best. Examples of popular pick up times is between 10am- 12pm. We drive quickly and are setup to drive through the night. Typically arriving the next morning to the new facility.



What Medical Conditions Can Travel?

We are an excellent choice for fragile parents and those with dementia. See our full travel list.



Can I bring a carseat?

Yes! All of our chairs are equipped for car seats (LATCH system). Children under two must ride in a car seat during the entirety of the trip. We can hold on to your car seat during your trip - no need to lug it around with you.



What can I bring?

Most anything you like! No luggage fees or restrictions (other than our overall mandated weight limit). Golf clubs and strollers are no problem - anything bigger than that check with us first. Feel free to bring your own pillow or anything else to help you travel comfortably.

For long distance moves we are able to carry roughly 20-25 normal boxes, ie a small u-haul worth.



Can my child ride on my lap?

Per state regulations every individual needs an assigned seat. Once in the vehicle feel free to relax in a reclining seat or in our comfy beds. We want everyone in your family to stay safe, so children two and under will need to ride in a carseat for the entirety of the trip.



Are pets allowed?

We can accommodate service animals, but at this time pets are not allowed. We are working on plans to allow them at a future date. Is this important to you?   Contact us with your thoughts.



When do I pay for my trip?

You pay for your trip when you book it. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards - American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.



What is your cancellation policy?

Medical reservations have a $250 cancellation/modification fee. Cancellations within 30 days of the trip pickup date are nonrefundable.



What about safety?

Jitterbug’s goal is to be the safest ground transportation on the road. Passenger bus travel is statistically the safest means of ground travel there is - 3 times safer than trains and over 40 times safer than cars*. In addition to our trained professional drivers, we employ state of the art collision avoidance systems, driver monitoring systems, and custom sleeper berth restraints. We designed Jitterbug to the standards we demand for our own families. *Ground Safety Statistics



What type of certification do your drivers obtain?

All of our drivers have undergone a road test and background check and fully comply with all federal and state requirements. You can see our solid safety record on the SafeBus app.



What about food or stops?

We recommend packing enough food and drink for the journey. Having picnic baskets of food makes the trip feel and go faster. We can make limited stops along the way upon request.



Is there a shower?

There is not a shower on board. The bathroom contains a toilet and sink.



Do you make stops along the way?

We typically stop for gas every 4-6 hours. You are welcome to get out and stretch your legs. We encourage you to bring a picnic basket of food and drink. It makes the trip go faster and offers a more relaxing experience.



What if I can't walk or am bedridden?

If you have low mobility, are wheelchair bound, or are bedridden we can help you. We assist you into the vehicle where you will find very comfortable arrangements. Our focus is on your comfort during the journey.



What is Jitterbug Recreation?

Our recreation division serves cruises, family vacations, and birthday getaways. As a large organization we are able to offer you more competive pricing. If you have any questions about the differences between our medical services and recreation services Speak with a Specialist



Why you?

You need to pick the transport service that you feel most comfortable with. Our service is best for those who want to ensure their loved ones are safe and have an all-inclusive move. We are not an ambulance, but do provide the level of care needed for your situation.