You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers




What is Jitterbug?

Jitterbug is a door to door ground transportation service for families and groups. Our goal is to provide the ultimate in convenient and enjoyable travel. Say goodbye to the hassles of flying - delays, security lines, cramped seats, and screaming babies. Jitterbug offers maximum comfort in our custom coach. Your family relaxes in a private cabin and wakes up fresh at your destination. We offer round trip service.



What kind of vehicle do you use?

Our custom coach was built from the ground up to maximize comfort and safety. The Jitterbug coach has two private cabins - a first class cabin with six seats and bedding for five, and a junior cabin with seating for five and two beds. Both cabins feature amenities designed to make your trip the most pleasant you’ve ever experienced.



What are the amenities?

Private bathroom with toilet and sink, large screen TV, reclining seats with footrests, mini-refrigerator, wi-fi, electrical outlets, video intercom, and more.



How large of a group can you accommodate?

A group reserving the entire vehicle - both the first class and junior cabin - can be as large as 11 travellers. The cabins are connected with a video intercom system.



What cities do you travel to?

We will travel within a 12 hour drive radious from Charlotte. At present we are based in Charlotte, focusing on connecting central North Carolina with Florida destinations and vice versa. We are able to service most destinations along this I-95 corridor. We can also accommodate custom trips originating from North Carolina or Florida, especially for larger groups. We’re actively examining which cities to expand to next. Where would you like to see Jitterbug? Contact us with your thoughts.



How do I reserve your service?

Use the book a trip webpage or email us at reservations@jitterbugtravel.com.



How much does it cost?

Jitterbug aims to provide a premium travel experience at a price comparable to or cheaper than flying. Prices vary based on route, cabin, number of passengers, and trip timing. A general rule of thumb is more people, more savings. To get the absolute best prices plan your vacation around our Jitterbug deal travel dates. Ask us for the deal dates first, then book your hotel second.

What doesn’t vary is Jitterbug’s commitment to providing you the most enjoyable and effortless group travel experience possible. Contact a representative for a free quote



What time do you pick me up?

You select the times that fit your trip best. Examples of popular pick up times is between 8-10pm with arrival around 7am. The exception to this flexible policy is the Jr. Cabin which can have time limitations. Generally for night trips you can sleep in the coach until 7am the next morning.



I need transportation for a two week trip. Can you help me?

When you make a reservation you will book pickup and dropoff dates. While we focus on shorter trips, we may be able to accommodate longer trips, especially for larger groups. Contact us with your trip details and we'll quickly reply with a quote.



Can I bring a carseat?

Yes! All of our chairs are equipped for car seats (LATCH system). Children under two must ride in a car seat during the entirety of the trip. We can hold on to your car seat during your trip - no need to lug it around with you.



What can I bring?

Most anything you like! No luggage fees or restrictions (other than our overall mandated weight limit). Golf clubs and strollers are no problem - anything bigger than that check with us first. Feel free to bring your own pillow or anything else to help you travel comfortably - we can even hold onto it for you during your trip.



Can my child ride on my lap?

Per state regulations every individual needs an assigned seat. Once in the vehicle feel free to relax in a reclining seat or in our comfy beds. We want everyone in your family to stay safe, so children two and under will need to ride in a carseat for the entirety of the trip.



Are pets allowed?

We can accommodate service animals, but at this time pets are not allowed. We are working on plans to allow them at a future date. Is this important to you?   Contact us with your thoughts.



When do I pay for my trip?

You pay for your trip when you book it. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards - American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.



What is your cancellation policy?

Reservations can be cancelled for free 72 hours after they are booked. After that there is a $250 cancellation fee. Cancellations within 30 days of the trip pickup date are nonrefundable.



What about safety?

Jitterbug’s goal is to be the safest ground transportation on the road. Passenger bus travel is statistically the safest means of ground travel there is - 3 times safer than trains and over 40 times safer than cars*. In addition to our trained professional drivers, we employ state of the art collision avoidance systems, driver monitoring systems, and custom sleeper berth restraints. We designed Jitterbug to the standards we demand for our own families. *Ground Safety Statistics



What type of certification do your drivers obtain?

All of our drivers have undergone a road test and background check and fully comply with all federal and state requirements. You can see our solid safety record on the SafeBus app.



What about my car?

It is possible to schedule to use the coach for every day of your trip. Sporting Events, Girls Getaways, and Tailgating are good examples where using the coach the entire time works best. Your chauffeur will provide you with a convenient and hassle free experience.



Is there a shower?

We can schedule to take you to a gym or spa location the morning of a trip. These locations have convenient showering facilities to start your day fresh.



Do you make stops along the way?

We typically stop for gas once per trip. Other rest stops may be made for the driver to rest. You always have the driver's phone number and an intercom to request a stop. You control your trip! Custom trips can be arranged to pick up friends along the way or have a picnic at a park. Day trips will stop for lunch or dinner when needed. Some trips may have a fixed itinerary which will be communicated before booking.



Can I tour the coach? What are these neighborhood parties?

Yes, and yes! We are happy to arrange a time to view the coach. Neighborhood block parties have also been a popular way to view the coach with friends and let the kids get a free tour. If you are interested in a free tour please contact us to set up a time.



What is Jitterbug Medical?

Jitterbug's unique approach to travel also offers services to the aging care commmunity. If you have a frail parent with little or no mobility we can faciliate their transport from state to state. Visit our Medical FAQ to learn more.