Alternative to Travel Other than Car and Plane

When planning a trip sometimes you hit a massive roadblock on how to get there. Whether it’s an issue with departure times, the exhaustion of driving yourself, or dealing luggage you wish there were more alternatives. In today’s fast paced world we find ourselves constrained by our go-to choices and we forget about other modes of transportation.

Traveling by train

Train offers a very different experience. Depending on the type of train you either select your own seat or secure a private compartment. The largest issue with train’s are their set schedule and for long treks you are limited to their routes.

This means a trip starting in Charlotte NC going to Orlando Fl can take up to 33 hours because of how the train goes up North and then stops along the way. The cost of train travel varies considerably and isn’t always the cheapest option, though it does offer a more relaxing option. Charlotte to Orlando for 5 people on their middle flex rate goes for around $4720

Rental car

This option isn’t really any different than you driving yourself. The main perk is if you secure a nicer vehicle than what you normally drive, or if you need a one way to make your trip logistics work.

Fixed Route Bus

Main bus providers like Greyhound or Megabus offer individual seats. If you are a group of college students this pricepoint might work in your favor, though the time adds up with stops. For a family with little kids this is not a good fit.

Between the amount of time and strangers on board the price isn’t worth it. In fact a ticket from Charlotte NC to Orlando FL can be as much as $280 per person round trip, so it doesn’t necessarily save you money.

Medical Escort

A private ambulance would definitely be a crazy alternative to flying or driving. Medical personnel are onboard for any fragile parents that need assistance. With all the medical staff this option is not cheap or comfortable, coming in at over $4124 for most one-way trips. Likely not how you want to spend a vacation.

Private Car or Limousine Service

There are many limo companies or private black car services near you. This experience let’s you enjoy a luxury personal car without the hassle of driving. Unfortunately renting a chauffeur can add up at rates anywhere from $75 - $125 per hour. From Charlotte to Orlando that’s an average of $1800 travel time + $1350 for the chauffeur's hotel stay, for an average of $3150.

Luxury Motorcoach

How do rockstars travel? In a 55 foot luxury motorcoach. Renting one of these entertainment coaches can transform your family vacation. The coaches come equipped with massive entertainment options like living room sized tvs, full bathrooms, and beds for you to fully stretch your legs.

The price tag for these luxury experiences lines up with what you’d expect. The average coach is around $1550 per day, with all of your vacation days counted. A round trip experience from Charlotte to Orlando would go for around $5187.

The Jitterbug Coach is not 55 feet, it’s a meager 33 feet (ie over 2 car lengths). By creating a hyper efficient design the Jitterbug team packaged the rockstar experience into a friendly budget. Roundtrip Charlotte to Orlando can go for around $1912 for a family of 5.

Flying or driving will always be there. When you need it check out these unique experiences for the ultimate vacation.