Good beer, art, and company. Let the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION begin. Here’s how Jitterbug can make your BIRTHDAY trip effortless.

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You are ready to sample the best craft beers at all your favorite places.

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Asheville Wineries

Enjoy a girls day with wine and fun. Don’t forget to bring home your case of wine!

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Outdoor fun

Kayaking, ziplining, these active trips will keep your entire family moving!

Plan Your Day Trip to Asheville, Boone, Pinehurst

Celebrate your 30th, 40th, anythingish birthday with friends

-- Leave Charlotte in the morning, around 10 am

-- Arrive in Asheville in time for lunch

-- Visit your favorite breweries and wineries

-- Back home around 10 pm, sleep in your own bed!

Day trips include transportation in a special vehicle the entire day. Let our chauffeur handle the driving.

Take 11 of your closest friends!


Asheville - Your Day Trip

Timeless memories. Stellar experiences. Forget your day to day troubles. You've waited all week for a VIP weekend getaway; Jitterbug can make it effortless!

You and up to ten other family and friends have plenty of room to stretch out and pregame your daytrip. Throw a movie up on the big screen, stock the fridge with your favorite beverages, and ride in comfort with our fully reclining seats.

No need for a hotel room with our round trip service. Jitterbug picks you up and takes you directly to Asheville and back again. While you're cruising to your destination, the refrigerator and private bathroom definitely come in handy. Keep those vacation vibes longer and avoid the stress of travel. No planes to catch or traffic to beat. Your driver will get you home while you relax in our custom beds and dream of your next VIP getaway.

Tour Packages

Jitterbug is proud to partner with Leap Frog Tours.

What's better than a luxury van? A luxury experience curated by local expertise. View our special Asheville tour packages. Tour packages include the activity cost and beverages as noted below. Food is not included.

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